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Auto-translating Fxh.Goc

# Fxh.Go This software runs Fxh.Go, a fine piece of blogging software made by fuxiaohei (傅小黑 ? nice to see it handles unicode). I found it over at github when looking for something suitable. It's nice and it looks like it has the features I need. (Well, never having blogged before, I have to admit I don't really know what I need). Also, it's written in Go, which I'm trying to learn. The only downside is that the text, error messages and alomost eveything else was in Chineese. The original installation looks like this: ![Original Fxh.Go startpage](/static/upload/201405071648156.jpg) Nice and clean, but .. #Translating I started out by cutting and pasting text into Google translate, but unsupprisningly this got boring pretty fast. Since Perl is the language I currently know best, I went on CPAN and looked for a module to help me out. I found [Lingua::Translate](https://metacpan.org/pod/Lingua::Translate), and more specifically [Lingua::Translate::Bing](https://metacpan.org/pod/Lingua::Translate::Bing), that can use the Bing API to translate text. Bing, unlike Google translate, is free for up to 2 million characters per month. The script worked like a charm and saved me a lot of boring, manual work. [It's on github](https://github.com/oyvindsk/Tore-the-translator) but it's not exactly ready for the masses. (If you ever need something auto-translated, but you're not confortable wring code, contact at hello at skaarsolutions.com) The result of the autmatic translation looks like this: ![Fxh.Go Screenshot](/static/upload/201405041441345.png ) Ther's a lot of bad, and sometimes funny English here. I'm going to update and fix it continously. So hopefully it will be a bit better by the time you read this :) * [Translation Script](https://github.com/oyvindsk/Tore-the-translator) * [Original GoBlog source](https://github.com/fuxiaohei/GoBlog) * [GoBlog fork with translated files](https://github.com/oyvindsk/GoBlog)

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